The Scans


The entire heart can be captured in one rotation for coronary analysis, or over a single heartbeat to include functional diagnosis.  Each reconstructed 3D volume represents exactly the same phase of the cardiac cycle, providing incredible motion-free images of the coronary arteries with homogenous contrast enhancement.  In addition, ultrafast scan times allow the contrast medium dose and exposure dose to be reduced. Average examination times can be performed in 15 minutes including calcium, coronaries, wall motion and EF.


Advances in diagnostic possibilities present the ability to acquire the entire brain with one volume scan. This allows the acquisition of multiple low-dose volume scans of the entire brain during contrast infusion to provide whole brain perfusion and whole brain dynamic vascular analysis in one examination.  In 10 minutes, the clinician can perform one examination including pre-contrast, arteriogram, venogram, 3DCT DSA and 3D volumetric perfusion.


Dynamic volumetric acquisition protocols can also be used to review moving join structures in 3D, providing new clinical applications for orthopaedic imaging.


Advanced imaging for urology is now a possibility, with the added clinical techniques of Dual-Energy scanning and Body Perfusion analysis. Dual Energy scanning can increase the amount of information available from the scan and can assist in analysing renal calculi, for example.Body Perfusion software is an advanced application for the quantitative analysis of renal blood flow, (as well as hepatic and pancreatic flow).


The 16cm coverage of the scanner and the ability to image organs dynamically enables accurate assessment of the central airways and lungs. The perfusion software can be used in the lungs. Dynamic Lung CT and Lung nodule analysis are also available.

For those patients who suffer from claustrophobia, the scanner has the added benefit of being an open scanner, reducing stress or concern for patients.  It is also considerably quieter than other CT scanners.


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