Terms and Conditions

The Terms and Conditions listed below apply to all patients and constitute part of our Patient Registration Form. You will be required to sign to confirm acceptance of these terms at time of registration with us.

  1. The Bridge Clinic will provide outpatient care at the request of the medical practitioner supervising your treatment. By accepting their request you are consenting to the care or treatment being provided.
  2. If you are insured it is your responsibility to check that the full cost of your treatment is covered by your insurance company prior to any treatment being provided. Any invoices not settled by the insurers will become the responsibility of the patient.
  3. Take home drugs and dressings are not usually covered by insurance companies. As such patients are asked to pay for these at the time of their appointment.
  4. If you are a self funding patient it is your responsibility to clarify the cost of your treatment prior to any treatment or tests being undertaken. Please refer to the clinic's price list for further information.
  5. Should any diagnostic tests or outpatient treatment be provided at The Bridge Clinic there will be a clinic fee for this. This includes the provision of blood tests, radiological investigations, outpatient procedures and follow up care such as dressings or removal of sutures and any take home drugs and dressings.
  6. Please note that The Bridge Clinic charges are made in addition to those charges made by your Consultant. We advise that you check your Consultant's charges with them.
  7. If you have had a packaged price at another healthcare provider, any Bridge Clinic charges will made in addition to this.

Financial Agreement

In addition to the Terms and Conditions listed above, at time of registration with us, you will be required to confirm your acceptance of the following Financial Agreement.

  1. I agree to pay for the services provided and understand what the associated costs will be.
  2. If a third party or insurer has agreed to pay my account, I agree to pay any balance outstanding if the third party or insurer does not pay the account in full.
  3. Insured Patients Only: I declare that my/the patient's general practitioner recommended the specialist treatment and that to the best of my knowledge and belief the information given on this form is true and complete. I authorise The Bridge Clinic to submit claims relating to my/the patient's treatment directly to my/the patient's insurer on my/the patient's behalf.


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